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Today's active households need flooring that's durable, low-maintenance and still attractive. Traditionally favoured in kitchens and laundry rooms, vinyl flooring has made a comeback. Not your mother's lino, the new vinyls now come in a variety of patterns, textures, shapes and styles. With so many choices, it's the perfect choice for almost any room.


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Unlike the linoleum of days gone by, vinyl flooring is available in three common formats: vinyl sheet and vinyl tile and vinyl plank. When choosing between them, the most important consideration should be the look of your floor. Vinyl is very easy to clean; and in most cases a vinyl floor will not have any visible seams for dirt or debris to lodge into. Vinyl is hypoallergenic, and does not trap dust or other allergens like carpets tend to do. Whether you prefer a highly-patterned design, checkerboard or staggered offset pattern, or the look & character of hardwood. Either way, vinyl is an excellent option if you are looking for simple installation and a durable material. Its ideal for use in both commercial and residential spaces. 



Vinyl plank flooring while newer to the industry continues to advance at a very rapid pace as the ultimate combination of sophistication and durability. If you have a busy household including kids, pets, outdoor traffic and even wet area applications, this is something you really should consider. With the high deifinition imaging and registered embossing homeowners now have a low maintenance alternative to wood and laminate floors that nearly rivals the real thing for beauty! Tough enough to carry commercial warranties, this heavy hitter can be found in places such as the Calgary Chinese Cultural Center & even Cochrane's own Ranchhouse.​​ But buyers BEWARE, not all vinyl planks are created equal!



  • Incredibly realistic photo replication of natural materials (photogravure process)

  • Satisfies "green" building standards* (get this in writing from the Manufacturer)

  • Inherent safety features: flammability, slip resistant requirement, and a menu of other safety codes.

  • Ease of maintenance: Simple damp mopping is the recommended cleaning procedure for LVT & LVP floors.

  • Great selection of sizes & shapes: 12 x 12”, 18 x 18”, 12 x 24” sizes, and planks from 4" x 36”  to 9"x 48" & everything in between.

  • Water resistant: LVT & LVP floors are water resistant (and fairly impervious to wet spills from above)

  • Scratch, stain, dent and scuff resistant: Specialized wear layers.  

  • Cost effective: Economics factor favourably into the specification of LVT & LVP for both commercial and residential applications.

  • Exceptional durability: maybe slightly over-qualified for residential use, which isn't a bad thing.

  • More resilient than other hard surface floors underfoot.  It’s easier to stand on these floors for long periods of time.

  • Amazing aesthetics: The design aesthetics of LVT & LVP are of primary importance to manufacturers. Popular and trend-setting designs are available, plus classic distressed wood finishes, stone and slate tactile surface textures, and even woven textiles.

From rustic interiors to refined contemporary styles, this is a product that can stand the test of time

With a little of touch decor magic, this area rug has really empasized the realistic look of this plank.


Just like all flooring and home design challenges, the problem for most buyers out there is not knowing what the options are. Basically, you don't know what you don't know. So for us, the first order of business is helping our clients to do their homework. 


By collaborating through the many FREE design resources such as HOUZZ.COM and even Pintrest or Instagram, we can assist clients in discovering the wide variety of styles that can be accomplished with this revolutionary product. Figuring out if a rustic reclaimed plank is the right fit for your room or do we need something more refined and crisp? Once we narrow down the style, we focus on color and tonality. Check your samples out in various lighting (different times, day & night) to ensure you're getting the hues and tones you want.


When we have THE perfect product, now we work with our clients to show them how to create visual appeal in their specific space. This means we will work with you to develop a clear understanding of all the products, colors and decor that will impact how your product ties into your home. It means respecting the boundaries of what already exists and then finding a way to make it better. From patterns, layouts, transitions, finishing, features, inlays, borders and more, we have both the passion and an entire arsenal of vinyl wonder to pull your project together! 

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lvp nosings.jpg


Most people are troubled by how to acheive a clean finish once they've selected their vinyl plank flooring. No one likes the industrial feel or bulky look of traditional

nail-down metal nosings. However a sleek fitted metal nosing as seen to the left, is certainly worthy of your new flooring.


Take it one step further and let us help you coordinate transitions from one type of flooring to another as seen here on the right. By using a vinyl plank to match the stair railing and the same carpet on the treads as we used in the basement, we accomplish

a stunning transition while

respecting continuity.



Quickly taking over as one of our MOST popular DIY project options, LVP or luxury vinyl planks are taking the Industry by storm! Depending on the quality of the product you select, you can be looking at one of the toughest flooring options on the market today. Tolerable to moisture, heat, sun exposure, pets and more, these planks are easy to install, they don't require special subfloors and are simple to repair. 

If you have a rental property, craft room, home office or kid's play area, this product should definately be on your short list!


Linoleum is a flexible flooring material available in a wide range of colors and designs. Linoleum is most commonly found in rolls, up to 4 m (13'2") wide, and a thickness, depending on the wear resistance, from 1.5mm to 4 mm. One of the most attractive benefits to installing linoleum floors is its affordable price tag. Compared to other flooring choices such as ceramic tile or hardwood, linoleum is a lot less costly to install. This installation however, is definately best left for the professionals beause of its paper-backed fragility and unforgiving nature if incorrectly trimmed. Though tempermental if submerged, the top layer is waterproof and as such, very popular in bathrooms, laundry and kitchens. With proper use and care of natural linoleum can last upwards of 20 to 30 years, add to that all the positive qualities of this material and pricing below $1 /sq.ft, linoleum is here to stay.



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