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With a professional Cochrane Floors & More Installer, you can feel confident that every precaution and attention to detail has been carefully considered. Our professional installation services are backed by certifications from the National Floor Covering Asscociation, BBB, Tile & Marmac Institute, Carpet & Rug Institute, the National Hardwood Association and of course Alberta WCB.

PEACE OF MIND... at last.

So you've decided to change the flooring in your home or business and you're pretty excited! Well you should be. A new floor will completely redefine or refresh a space with greater impact than most cosmetic changes. With a professional installer from our store, you can feel confident every precaution and attention to detail has been carefully considered. These professional installation services include several steps.



Perhaps THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT step in a good end result for any flooring job is proper preparation of the substrate (or subfloor as it's most commonly referred to). This step truly can make or break both the appearance and the performance of your new flooring so DO NOT take this step lightly - we won't! Even with many flooring dealers and volume salespeople, this is the most overlooked part of a quality flooring install. Exactly what needs to be done to make the substrate acceptable for installation will differ by product and somewhat by brand or quality of product being used. This is why we offer very thorough FREE on-site estimates and consultations for every client.



The next step is Laying out a flooring project.  Understanding that most clients live in their homes through their renovations, we'll work with you to make things as seamless as possible. We'll take the time to measure twice and cut once to save on material costs (it's the rule of thumb for our installers). They pay special attention to the layout as its an important part of a quality job. Our experts will always consider, lighting, seaming, transitions and where the focal point of your room is to ensure your new product is most pleasing to the eye.




Our specialists and professional flooring contractors are industry experts with the experience and the equipment to get the job done right. Whether its a subfloor tearout around pillars and cabinets or 5000sq.ft of handscraped exotic hardwood to be installed Whatever the job, your home, your comfort and the end result are always our top priority.  This commitment, fueled by the peace of mind that comes from dealing with a licenced and bonded company whose workers are fully covered by WCB is to ensure YOU are protected throught the entire process.





Another point to be aware of is that most Manufacturer's warranties are dependent on professional installation, so it is wise to verify the manufacturer's policies and warranties so you understand how your floor's installation affects your coverage. (Note: We are happy to provide you with our manufacturer's WHOLE warranty BEFORE you purchase any carpet,hardwood, laminate, tile or vinyl). Here at Cochrane Floors & More we have been very selective of the brands we carry and the Manufacturers we support. The result? We are proud to offer a wide range of high quality product that should fit any realistic budget without sacrificing quality or finish.

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