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Tiles are used as wall and floor coverings, and can range from simple square tiles to complex glass and metal mosaics. Tiles are most often made of porcelain or ceramic, but other materials commonly used include glass, cork, metal, concrete, slate and other composite materials. When it comes to stone, it's the ultimate in timeless natural design. Some tiles & stone are better suited than others for certain applications, so let's narrow things down.



Tile is a general term and can describe many different materials. Man-made tiles are ceramic, glass or porcelain and natural stone tiles are made from travertine, granite, slate, marble and others. Ceramic and porcelain are made from clay and are fired then glazed. They have the greatest potential to be more uniform in color and finish and are unmatched in durability and cost efficiency. They are resistant to heat, moisture and are extremely easy to maintain. Porcelain tile has an absorption rate 100 times less than ceramic which makes it frost resistant and a first choice for outdoor and flooring use. 


Decorating with tile is still one of the most popular and affordable offerings in the design industry. By using the new colors, textures and patterns, tile can make a space exciting, sophisticated and daring. From mosaic patterns to colorful glass, there are wonderful new applications of tile in kitchens, bathrooms, fireplaces, walkways, feature walls, and fountains. Tiles can create pattern and give fabulous texture to your space. Large tiles on the floor give a clean look and can actually make a small space look larger depending on the pattern used. The same way installing like-tile on the floor and running up the side of a bathtub skirt will give a spacious, even flow to small area rather than cutting up all the plains. (sigh, there's so much to know)


Portobello Series Porcelain


Try not to let your budget constrain what you ​can do with your walls. The vivid colors and styles of our luxurious ceramics let you design to the max even with the smallest of accents. This is your opportunity to make something average (even your basic builder grade tile) totally custom! Dream on and make your space your own.


Fired at extremely high temperatures, ​porcelain offers a rich palette that makes it difficult to distinguish from natural stone at times. And because its been forged in flames, its remarkably durable lasting a lifetime  and standing up to almost anything.



Ultra-contemporary and easy to maintain, stainless steel, nickel or copper reflects everything that shines about modern life. Listellos, mosaics, accents or full tiles all in bold and brilliant combinations will turn heads. Popular this year, glass & metal or stone & metal blends.



Mosaic tiles transform walls into artistic masterpieces. With intricate patterns and lively textures, mosaic tiles boldly impact many different spaces with sophistication.



Natural stone does it all. As the tiling material on any wall or floor in your home, it adds a professional sophistication to any style. Timeless by design you can achieve rustic to elegant & everything in between.


NATURAL STONE offers the end user organic beauty, but it doesn’t come by it easily. Natural stone requires sealing and maintenance to keep that precious look. We have sourced manufacturers that scour the ends of the earth, to offer the most spectacularly colored and textured stones in the world as well as several price conscious options that offer amazing value alternatives. From the elegance of marble to the exotic romance of travertine, we’ve brought the best of nature to ensure you’ve got the best stone, best selection and best price options possible. Colors will vary greatly and cracks, fissures and discolouration are common but add to the natural beauty of the piece. Remember: Natural stones are porous and need to be sealed and cared for properly. 


Listellos & decos are the little details that make the biggest difference and we offer a stunning collection of accent pieces designed to add interest in the least expected places. From shower & accent niches to wainscotting & featured trim, our accents combine aesthetic personality with functional attributes to add a professional-looking finish to any room. Let our designers help you select the perfect accent that pulls your look together. Like a signature on a fine painting, your unique design will be a masterpiece all your own and we can customize your space for as little as $3 per lineal foot!


No matter how beautiful your tile is, the wrong grout color can keep your space from realizing its full potential. We offer a wide selection of vivid grout colors ensure you’ll always find the one that matches your tile and creates the look you want. Our in-store Grout Palettes allows you to see exactly what your tile will look like with our hundreds of grout colors, before you put it on your floor or wall. Still having trouble deciding? Not to worry. Our Designers are more than happy to suggest their pick and explain why and how it will affect the look of your tile. Because choosing the right grout is as essential as choosing the right tile.


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