One of the warmest and most cost effective flooring options on the market today, carpet is still a dominating segment in the flooring industry. With technology providing softer, stronger filaments and longer lasting structure, carpet has emerged once again as a go-to favourite for all walks of life. Now we want to help you select the right one for your lifestye! 



Unlike other types of flooring, carpet is known to be a natural insulator, providing warmth and comfort particularly in our Alberta winters. The use of carpet in a wall-to-wall space will actually increase the (R-value) insulation level of the carpet area, potentially saving homeowners monthly utility costs while reducing energy use and providing a luxurious underfoot feel. So kick back and enjoy the thousands of carpets available at Cochrane Floors & More. Let our Design team assist you in finding the perfect fit for your home using tactile, textural, subtle gradations, contrasting embroidery : the surface speaks volumes to the human eye and human touch. The variety of offerings provide the look of a "one of a kind" product with affordable value. Here are some of the incredible lines we carry... 


Recently, tests carried out at the Johns Manville Technical Center Thermal Labs, one of the most sophisticated laboratories of its kind in the world, confirm carpet and pad significantly increase R-value compared to other flooring materials. Results varied according to the carpet's construction, with heavier products generally providing higher R-value. Carpets were tested with and without cushion, and the combination maximized the R-value. Carpet really is warmer. Just to give you a comparison, test results from the different carpet constructions were compared to three hard surface products - ceramic tile, laminate, and engineered hardwood - and the differences were substantial:        


Carpet vs. engineered hardwood: From 3 to 7 times the R-value. 
Carpet vs. laminate: From 4 to 8 times the R-value. 
Carpet vs. ceramic tile: From 8 to 17 times the R-value. 





Thanks to our amazing product lines, you'll have more than 15,000 choices of carpet color, texture and styles available. That means YOUR ultimate carpet choices will always reflect your own, unique vision! But with so many options, how do you know where to start?  Well that's what we're here for. Our Design Specialists will help you whittle through the choices. Are you looking for a traditional plush carpet? A contemporary loop? Maybe the visual impact of a pattern or print? 

Regardless of your experience shopping for floors, our friendly and knowledgeable team will make selection a snap. Come into the showroom where you'll feel the softness. You'll see the array of colors. And probably, perhaps even intuitively, settle on the perfect one. All the education, inspiration, and anticipation will culminate in a carpet choice that's uniquely you and uniquely perfect for your home.


If you're just beginning your search for the right carpet. It helps to first understand the properties of the fibres that make up the carpets you'll be looking at. From Wool to Nylon to Polyester and some of the industries NEWEST blends. Click here for a printable .PDF file from the Carpet Guru. An independant columnist and weel-known expert in the field of carpet technology. 

The Carpet Guru - Really Understanding carpet

Relaxing Getaway Tonal Blend - 2 Colors


If you need a space carpeted FAST - we have the solution! Now stocking select carpet lines right here in Cochrane, we have the ability to install as quickly as "next day" when needed. These premium lifetime stain & soil warranty carpet start at only $2.25/sf. We also have an extensive selection of remnant pieces that are marked down up to 75% from there original price, so let us know what you're looking for.