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Our incredibly vivid and limitless Designer Murals will immediately change the look and feel of ANY room without the hassle of traditional wallpaper or settling for "just another paint color". Our murals are the perfect solution to easily enhance any residential or commercial space alike! We have thousands of images to choose from or we can even work from your own pictures to create something that is uniquely yours!


Designing the perfect space while looking to introduce innovative and interesting wall art conceptions is a daunting taskInvision a feature wall so spectacular, covered from floor to ceiling with the most eloquent and dramatic image,

that people will actually stop in their path once they've seen it. This is where we can help! From tranquility and relaxation to feeling invigorated and passionate. Whether its sports related, grunge, exotic or anything in between, working with our Designers, we'll help you create a space that is original and uniquely yours.

Cochrane Floors Bamboo Garden Mural
Cochrane Floors Star Trek Mural
Cochrane Floors Phone Booth Mural

From a lush tropical bamboo garden, you can feel the peaceful lure of this quiet path calling you to discover the unknown.


Inspiration: This image was used in a residential sitting room to keep it from feeling so "contained". The depth of this image allows the viewer to be visually drawn into a much larger space now but still private and serene.



Sitting in the middle of the Star Trek's Bridge, you are in command of Starfleet and all the adventures that await.


Inspiration: This image was used in a small tv room by (big surprise) a true Star Trek follower. The bright colors and open concept gave the room a completely new expansiveness. Definately a room for entertaining.



Sitting on the park bench and taking in the worlds movements but in a way that is dreamlike; quietly removed.


Inspiration: This living room has only one wall with windows so it felt very closed in. By using a classic black and white image with the feature pop of red it created an anchor for color and balance to the larger furnishings. 



Cochrane Floors Room in Bloom Mural
Cochrane Floors Pecil Crayons Mural
Cochrane Floors Graphitti Mural
Cochrane Floors Private Lake Mural
Cochrane Floors Barn Horses Mural

Becuase we are only limited by our own imagination, our Designer Murals are perfect for any space in your home. Here are some to think about...



  • Theatre Room

  • Dining Room

  • Garage / Man's Cave

  • Sitting Room

  • Bedroom

  • Games Room

  • Wine Room

  • Crafts Room

  • Windows with poor views

  • Home Office

  • Exercise Room

  • Bar

  • Fireplace feature wall

  • Kid's Play Area

  • Laundry Room

  • Front Entry

  • Sliding Barn Doors

  • and any other place you think of


Cochrane Floors City Theatre Mural
Cochrane Floors Autumn Slumber Mural
Cochrane Floors Busy Books Mural
Cochrane Floors City Block Mural
Cochrane Floors Private Pathway Mural
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