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SINK CARE  When attention and proper maintenance is paid to your stainless steel sink, the life and shine can be kept for a much longer period of time. Find our how to properly care for your sink.




  • Remove all objects, ie: pads, grids, cloths and etc, from sink.

  • Clean with light soap solution, rinse, drain all water, and towel dry.


















Side-walls and Bottom of Sink: Remove stains using a cleaning product that contains mild abrasives; always wipe in grain direction; rinse well and towel dry.


For stubborn stains or scratches: Use a fine grit Scotch-Brite (maroon colored) pad following direction of sink grain finish. Pay careful attention to the directional change from side walls to bottom of the sink.


Top Surface and Polished Mirror Finishes: Polish with a soft, dry towel or cloth. Mineral Deposits: Use a stainless steel cleaning product that contains mild abrasives or a light solution of vinegar and water (1:20 ratio); rinse well and towel dry.

  • Avoid using steel wool or other metal or coarse scouring pads to clean the sink.

  • Do not stand on, or in the sink for any reason, such as when cleaning windows, reaching for top shelf, painting, etc.

  • Dropping heavy objects into the sink will cause denting and buckling.

  • Do not use sharp objects in the sink or use sink as a cutting surface.

  • Leaving water, bleach, cleaners, or chemicals of any type in sink for prolonged period of time will cause erosion, discolouration, or other irrepairable damage.

  • Never use concentrated bleach in the sink; always dilute with water and rinse the sink thoroughly after use.

  • Do not use any acids, drain cleaners, harsh chemicals, paint removers, metal cleaners, etc. in the sink.

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