The Secret to Creating a Stunning Room

July 22, 2016

Ever wonder why the rooms in design magazines look so good? You just get that overwhelming sense of "Oooh my, this is so beautiful"? Alternatively, you may also find yourself in a room that just feels “off” but you don’t know why?  


So how to the Pros get it right? How is that perfect sense of depth & interest created?  Well, the secret is balance.  Like any other aspect of our lives, the rooms in our home should exemplify a balanced approach to living.  It’s the positive and negative, yin and yang, darkness and light that give a room texture and depth.

Often the one thing that’s missing in those “I can’t put my finger on it but I just don’t like that room” rooms is a sense of balance. Dark feature walls or heavy furniture on one side of a room with nothing visually substantial to anchor and offset the weight on the other side, gives the subconscious sense that the room is “tipping” or off balance.  Too much of a hard surface (such as tile or glass) in a room can make it feel cold and clinical.  Too many soft surfaces (like an excess of toss cushions with heavy drapery and needlepoint wall hangings) can make a room seem stuffy, even heavy and claustrophobia-inducing.


Think of it this way... when building the perfect meal, balancing flavours by successfully pairing a wine with your food is going to maximize the entire package. Just as you wouldn’t serve a fruity Chardonnay with Beef Wellington, you wouldn’t try to balance a large espresso brown armoire on one side of a living room with nothing but a skinny white floor lamp on the other.  In bo